Judicial Division

Wayne County Courthouse
174 North Brunswick Street
Jesup, Georgia 31546
Telephone: 912-427-5930

The Judicial Division serves the following courts:

Superior Court State Court Drug Court Juvenile Court

The Division is responsible for receiving, filing, storing, and retrieving civil and criminal court records for Superior Court, State Court and Drug Court. The division is also responsible for managing juvenile court records. All records are open for public inspection and copying except juvenile court records, to which access is limited to juvenile intake and probation officers and officers of the juvenile court (judges, clerk and clerk's staff). The division provides support for each court through management of records and attendance during all court proceedings. Records available through the division are:

Superior Court:

  • General Civil Cases
  • Domestic Civil Cases (Divorce, Alimony and Child Support)
  • Name Changes
  • Legitimations
  • Condemnations
  • Modifications
  • Contempt Petitions
  • Worker's Compensation Petitions
  • Uniform Reciprocol Enforcement Support Act Petitions (URESA)
  • Family Violence Petitions
  • Lis Pendens (pending liens)
  • Criminal Indictments (felonies)
  • Subpoena

State Court:

  • General Civil Cases
  • Criminal Accusations (misdemeanors)
  • Contempt Petitions
  • Modifications
  • Subpoenas


Drug Court:

  • Rehabilitation Program
  • Drug Screening

Juvenile Court:

  • Deprivation Petitions
  • Unruly Petitions
All juvenile court records are confidential and are not accessible to the public. Access is limited to juvenile intake and probation officers and officers of the Juvenile Court (judges, clerk and clerk's staff).