Miscellaneous Costs

Subpoena $5.00
Copy, Uncertified, if no assistance required, per page $0.50
Copy, Uncertified, if assistance redquired , per page $1.00
Copy, Certified or Exemplified, first page $2.50
     Each Page $0.50(in office); $1.00 (mail or phone request)
Copy, Oversize, Larger than 8 1/2" x 14". per page $2.00
Computer Printouts, per page or equivalent $2.50
Copy, Faxed or Electronic, first page $2.50
     Each Page after first $1.00
Certificate of pending action or unsatisfied judgment as provided in OCGA 40-9-40 $3.00

** This office does not fax copy requests as a daily rule. In the event that a document must be faxed to an attorney, court, or other entity, the charges above apple.**