DDS launches Secure ID program to prepare for upcoming Real ID Act

Why Secure ID? – Secure ID ensures that Georgia will continue to produce the most secure Driver’s License’s (DL) and Identification (ID) cards that our state has ever produced. It will also place Georgia in compliance with the Federal Real ID Act of 2005, which was codified to adopt some of the 9/11 Commission’s findings from their studies of the events that led up to the terrorist attacks. The Real ID Act prohibits the federal government from accepting DL/ID cards issued by non-compliant states to board a commercial flight or to enter a federal building.

DDS began issuing its most recent generation of high security DL/ID cards in 2010 under the SAFFE DL (Secure Automated Fast Friendly Easier Driver’s License) Program. Georgia’s new Secure ID Program builds on the advances of SAFFE DL by further enhancing the integrity and security of Georgia DL/IDs.

Who will be affected? – Starting July 3, 2012, all Georgia residents who are applying for their first GA Drivers License (DL) and/or Identification Card (ID), who are renewing an existing GA DL/ID, or who are reinstating a suspended DL, will be issued a Secure ID.

What is required for a Secure ID? – The requirements for being issued a Secure ID are not that different from when a customer first applied for a Georgia DL/ID. All customers who are being issued a Secure ID will need to:

  • Provide documents that prove their identity and current full legal name (if a name change has taken place);
  • Provide two documents to prove their current residential address;
  • Provide a document to prove their full Social Security Number (SSN);
  • Non-citizens will also need to provide a document approved by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to prove legal presence;
  • Have their photograph and signature collected in person at least once every 16 years.

As a customer convenience, DDS has created a website feature at\secureid. Customers will be able to create a Custom Checklist or print the full list of acceptable documents from our website.

Additionally documents for SSN, naturalized citizen and non-citizen must be verified electronically for validity. After presenting documentation at DDS and their information is verified, customers will be issued a new DL/ID with a gold star symbol in the upper right corner.

What if I don’t have all my documents or my information cannot be verified? – Existing DL/ID customers will be issued an interim DL/ID for 120 days (or up to the date of the customer’s allowable legal presence) in order to allow time to gather the required documents or to resolve verification issues with SSA or DHS.

What if my current DL/ID does not need to be renewed right now? – The new Secure ID process will be phased-in with existing DL/IDs remaining valid until it’s expiration date. Customers with a current Georgia DL/ID may continue to use it for driving and as an acceptable form of identification and/or for boarding a commercial flight and entering federal building as long as it is valid.

Will there be any changes in the DL/ID fees? – Fees will remain the same as they are today.

How will On-Line services be impacted? – Customers renewing their DL/ID will be required to visit a CSC to present their documents and have a Secure ID issued. Once issued, customers will be able to perform all eligible On-Line requests as long as the photograph on their DL/ID card does not exceed 16 years. Current customers requesting a replacement DL/ID or an address change outside of their renewal cycle will be allowed to use On-Line Services. All other On-Line Services such as ordering an MVR, checking your points, replacement of a lost license and change of address will continue to be available for customers who do not have a Secure ID.

A Safer More Secure DL & ID Pamphlet