Wayne County State and Superior Courts Accept eFiling

Mandatory Civil eFiling will begin January 1, 2019

All Superior and State Courts in Georgia will transition to mandatory civil eFiling no later than January 1, 2019.  On May 8, 2018, Gov. Nathan Deal signed SB407 into law.  This legislation includes provisions for civil eFiling.  However, the clerk’s office is currently accepting eFiled documents.  For cases initiated on and after January 1, 2019, attorneys and self-represented litigants are required to eFile new cases in Superior and State Courts in Georgia.  This means no paper filings.

To register for an account you should go to


Any case that involves a pauper’s affidavit

Any case that involves a bond validation

Any case that has been sealed or any filing that is being filed with a request to be sealed

Any sealed deposition and any filing involving ex parte or in camera information

You may choose to eFile from the convenience of your office.  The costs for eFiling is as follows:

The 1st filing page made by any filer on behalf of a party in each case (paid no more than once per party in a case): $30.00

-The 2nd – 10th filing pages on behalf of the same party in the same case: $0.00

-Each filing beyond the 10th page on behalf of the same party in the same case: $5.00

-Any eFiling via a public access terminal in the Clerk’s Office: $0.00

The  usual filing costs still apply and are payable at the time of efiling.

Our office will provide a computer you can use to eFile documents into that court.  When you use that computer, the eFiling fee will be $0.00.  The usual non-eFiling fees will still apply.