General Superior Civil Action(When filing for an adoption, you must come to the Clerk’s office and pay for the background check and fingerprints prior to getting it done at the jail)    Does not include applicable service fees which are required in all cases except: 1) family violence 2) contempt actions involving child support and/or alimony 3) abandoned motor vehicle and 4) incoming transfers See below for additional sums in condemnation and bond validation cases        General State Civil Action $209.00 $41.00      $212.00 
Family ViolenceNo Fee
Incoming Transfer from: 
                   Superior and State Court$50.00
 Probate Court ($50 plus add JOF fee of $125)$175.00
 Magistrate Court ($60 plus add JOF fee of $125)$185.00
 *Note that ADR and POPIDF-8 has already been collected and disbursed in Magistrate Court.**File upon receipt of the fee transferred from Magistrate Court and send filing party a bill for outstanding balance.Minus fee transferred from Magistrate Court
Appeals from Lower Courts (same as General Civil Fee)$207.00
Abandoned Motor Vehicle 
 Filing petition (includes JOF fee applicable to Superior court)$152.00
 Plus ADR fees up to $7.50, if applicable$5.00
 Motor Vehicle Judgment Certificate$3.00
Condemnation and Validation of Bond Action per Bond 
 To be collected at conclusion of action in addition to General Civil Costs above 
  up to 500 bonds$1.00
  over 500 bonds$0.50
Per page for recording$1.50
Issuing Execution$0.00

** The Wayne County Clerk’s Office DOES NOT ACCEPT personal checks for payment of filing fees. **

** Make checks payable for filing costs plus local sheriff service to CLERK OF WAYNE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT. Out-of-county service should be paid be separate check payable to the serving official. Any publication cost should be paid by separate check payable to the publisher and submitted to the clerk on filing.**

Motions or petitions filed 30 days after judgment or dismissal requires that a new case file be started and new filing fees be paid.