The questionnaire below is provided as a service to the citizens of Wayne County and should be used for official purposes only. Pursuant to Georgia laws, it is a a criminal offense to use this site for deceptive or fraudulent purposes and persons doing so will be prosecuted.

For information and facts about jury duty, please click here:
Jury Information and Facts  —   Jury Laws and Procedures

The purpose of this survey is to collect information from you to determine if you are eligible to serve as a trial or grand juror in Wayne County. ONLY PERSONS WHO ARE RESIDENTS OF WAYNE COUNTY, GEORGIA, ARE ELIGIBLE TO SERVE AS JURORS IN WAYNE COUNTY. If the information you provide indicates that you are eligible to serve according to Georgia law, a follow-up questionnaire may be sent to you to allow you to provide additional information for the Wayne County Jury Commission.

This survey is divided into the following sections:

  • Section A – Personal Information
  • Section B – Juror Exemptions (reasons why you may not be eligible to serve according to law)
  • Section C – Special Circumstances (for Jury Commission consideration)

Fill out the information in each section as requested. Then at the end of the form supply your E-Mail address, and submit the form. You will receive a confirmation message from us shortly.